Video Tutorials

Basic Training

Learn the basics of hot air balloon flight and the history of ballooning. (11 minutes)
Learn the history of Balloon Fiesta. (10 minutes)

Learn the most important principles to providing top-notch guest (customer) service. (33 minutes) 

Learn how the Public Safety team ensures that Balloon Fiesta is one of the safest events in the country, and how you can help support their efforts. This training is REQUIRED in 2019 and must be renewed every other year. (27 minutes)

Video Merit Classes

A more in-depth look at the world of Gas Ballooning with Barbara Fricke. (45 min)

Similar to Ballooning 101, but focuses on the sport of gas ballooning. (11 min)

The history of America’s Challenge Event. (18 min)

Learn techniques for dealing with Guest issues. (55 min)

The history of America’s Challenge Event. (18 min)

A more indepth look at the 2019 Event and the many activities that take place during the 9 days. (59 min) 
NOTE: This is NOT the required Event video!

We look forward to working with all of you again this year. Without your assistance, we would never be able to have such a successful Balloon Fiesta.


Jeff Rowe, Chairman
Susan Jennings, President of Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque 2018-19
Dave Orner, Recruiting Director
505-681-6325 or

Dr. Mike Crews, Recruiting Co-Director
505-553-6136 or

Mark Haley – Trusted Advisor
Jim Sowers – Trusted Advisor
And All the 2019 Kiwanis Family Fiesta Work Fundraiser Gate Captains and Staff