Step 2

Please review the guidelines we expect every worker and manager to keep in mind when representing Kiwanis and Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta.


  1. Safety First. YOUR safety, VISITOR safety.
  2. Dress for Rapid Changes in the Weather (No sandals or flip-flops. Multiple Layers of clothing are suggested )
  3. A positive Fiesta experience may well begin with YOU. Treat everyone with courtesy and do your best to find the correct answer to their questions. A FAQ section is found on this website.
  4. Accountability: We have invested heavily in systems and equipment to facilitate your work and to keep track of all equipment and all revenue. Ticket prices: $10 per person for admission to the field. Each volunteer worker is expected to exhibit total honesty. Please report any suspicious incidents or illegal activity to your Captain so that we may continue to offer this opportunity to support Albuquerque and provide funds for the benefit of YOUR non-profit organization.

Please review the frequently asked questions


Will the balloons go up in this weather?

Only the Balloon Fiesta personnel can answer this question. They have instituted a new system of Weather Flags to help people know what is happening: Green = Yes | Red = No | Yellow = Undecided

Is this ticket from last year any good?

Tickets from CANCELLED events from previous years will be honored.

I am disabled. Can I park for free?

Balloon Fiesta charges for ALL parking. Handicap parking areas near the entrances are provided for vehicles with valid handicap parking placards.

I do not have any cash. Can I get in free?

No. ATMs are available on the grounds. Balloon Fiesta accepts major credit cards.

What is the Cost for Children?

Children age 12 and under are Free. Everyone else pays for Admission.

Is there a Senior, Military, or Other Discount?


What if I get injured during Volunteer Work?

First report the injury to your Director then go to the Lovelace Medical Center located near mid field and just west of the Kiwanis compound

Can I leave early? 

Your work assignment stops when your gate captain or other person in charge says it is finished and releases you. Finish times are usually approx. 8am (Morning shifts) or 8pm (Evening shifts).

What if the customer cannot pay?

No admittance is allowed without a valid ticket or pass. This includes vendors.

What kind of pass or ticket is required to get on the field?

Entrance to the Balloon Field is only allowed by authorized pass or the successful scanning on an event ticket.

We look forward to working with all of you again this year. Without your assistance, we would never be able to have such a successful Balloon Fiesta.


Jeff Rowe, Chairman
Susan Jennings, President of Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque 2018-19
Dave Orner, Recruiting Director
505-681-6325 or

Dr. Mike Crews, Recruiting Co-Director
505-553-6136 or

Mark Haley – Trusted Advisor
Jim Sowers – Trusted Advisor
And All the 2019 Kiwanis Family Fiesta Work Fundraiser Gate Captains and Staff